Uniform Lending Closet

(Exclusively for Red Cross Units, Museums, or other 'official' organizations)

I have established a Lending Closet of American Red Cross Uniforms so that they will be available to any Red Cross unit who wishes to borrow them for a special event or display.  The uniforms in the National Collection cannot generally be loaned, yet many units often want to borrow them.  The Lending Closet is intended to fill that void.

A variety of uniforms from varous eras are available.  Most can be worn--a few are for display only.  They are available on a first come, first served basis.  Email me with the basics of your need, including your phone number, and I'll get back to you

The borrowing unit must agree in writing to the following:

Such letter must also state the dates the uniforms are needed and a street address for shipping.

Most uniforms are provided with proper insignia.  Pins, however, can be removed before shipping if the borrowing unit does not wish to be responsible for them.

Should your unit have uniforms you do not know what to do with:  This is your opportunity.  You can donate your older uniforms to the closet.  Rare or fragile uniforms will immediately be offered to the National Collection and not loaned.  I will provide an acknowledgement letter to the unit for any uniforms received for the Lending Closet.  Even if all you have is "parts," these might combine with other "parts" to make a complete uniform.  I am always grateful for the odd belt, collar, epaulets, cap, etc.

This project has the approval of the National Historical Resources Department.

Shirley Powers
Volunteer Historian--Memorabilia
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